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Supporting Canadian businesses since 2015 as a tax accountant focused on getting taxes filed for late filers. Our monthly accounting and bookkeeping services set the foundation for better financial insights and business growth with one affordable flat rate fee.

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About Sansar Solutions

Back in 2015, Gurdeep Sangha took note of a common struggle among businesses: keeping up with the intricacies of bookkeeping and tax filings. Recognizing the stress and strain this placed on entrepreneurs, he set out to make a difference.

Fast forward to the end of 2023, and the growth of Sansar Solutions has been nothing short of remarkable, extending our support to businesses of all shapes and sizes across Canada.

Imagine you’re the owner of a bustling restaurant or a thriving construction company. Your days are filled with managing staff, satisfying customers, and overseeing projects. Amidst this whirlwind, the last thing you need is the looming worry of dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). That’s where Sansar Solutions steps in. We’re your dedicated partners in financial peace of mind.

Our mission is straightforward: we’re here to ensure that the CRA doesn’t become a source of stress for you. Whether you’re struggling to catch up on overdue bookkeeping or wrestling with tax obligations, we’ve got your back.

With Sansar Solutions in your corner, you can navigate the complexities of corporate tax compliance with confidence.




The People Who Are Here To Help You With Taxes, Bookkeeping, & Accounting For Your Business

Chris Gielnik

Client Onboarding Advocate

Kirti Kadam, CPA


jas sansar solutions

Jas Johal


Kam Chowdhury, CPA


Nasir Hashmi, CPA


Dawn Pearce

Operations Manager

luca - sansar solutions

Luca Sun

IT Manager

Jeremy Tessier

Account Manager

gurdeep - sansar solutions

Gurdeep Sangha


Tax Advisors For Corporations & Small Businesses

As experienced tax accountants in Canada, we specialize in handling both business and personal tax issues with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on your behalf.

How Long Will It Take?

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How Much Does It Cost?

Why Choose Sansar Solutions For Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Are sleepless nights over the thought of not filing your business taxes with the CRA keeping you on edge? Let our services bring you peace of mind. We offer a pre-agreed affordable flat rate, and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction or your money back. Address all your business accounting concerns conveniently from home. With our proven systemized approach, we ensure your business taxes are filed in just one month, expediting the entire process. Embrace tranquility with our efficient and customer-focused approach:

  • Pre-Agreed Affordable Flat Rate
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back
  • Resolve Business Accounting Problems from Home
  • One-Month Guaranteed Business Tax Filings
  • Streamlined Process for Faster Results

Common Questions When Working With Sansar Solutions

Unfiled taxes may result in penalties, interest, and legal consequences. It’s crucial to address them promptly to avoid escalating issues.

It’s advisable never to delay filing taxes. However, after a certain period, unfiled taxes may accumulate penalties and interest.

Consult with a tax pro to assess your situation, gather necessary information, and develop a plan to file overdue taxes and minimize potential penalties.

Tax returns involve reporting income, deductions, and credits to calculate the tax liability or refund owed to the corporation.

Yes, online corporate tax filing (e-filing) is a convenient and secure method for submitting corporate tax returns, offering faster processing and confirmation.

Some Businesses That Trust Sansar Solutions

Gurpinder Dhaliwal - Verified Google Review
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After being 5 years behind on corporate tax filings, and only had about 8 days before I needed to hand over 2021 and 2022 corporate taxes to mortgage broker to complete on a home. I called multiple accountants and no one could help in that time frame. I spoke with sansar solutions and they said they could get it done and started on it immediately and got all 5 years done in under 8 days. Would highly recommend sansar solutions and dealing with Arman and Kam!!! All my stress if gone finally.
Randy Nett - Verified Google Review
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Sansar and team are TOP NOTCH!!! They are fast, accurate, concise and thorough. This is my third year using their services and i will be using them again for 2023. I highly recommend them to anyone needing this type of service. Thanks again guys!!!
Cam Klassen - Verified Google Review
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Easy to work with and did what they said they would do for me. I've had bad luck finding good accountants that actually get things done in a timely manner. Overall very happy with them.
Cindy Kumar - Verified Google Review
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I connected with Gurdeep through Instagram; he had reached out to me to help one of his clients. Working with Gurdeep was great, he was easy to talk to and we were able to work together to minimize his clients taxes, file outstanding GST returns and provide the client with a better understanding of the accounting systems in place! I highly recommend Gurdeep for bookkeeping and taxes. He cares for his clients and will support them!

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